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About Us

Welcome to Corey Property Management - Your Trusted Partner in Metro-Atlanta

Atlanta Property Management

Our Story

At Corey Property Management, we've been delivering exceptional property management services in Metro-Atlanta for over two decades. Founded by owner and real estate expert Alan Corey, we combine a wealth of experience in real estate investing and tenant management with a commitment to helping property owners and tenants succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide property owners with peace of mind and exceptional service while ensuring tenants enjoy well-maintained and comfortable living spaces. We strive to create a positive and thriving community in every property we manage.

Atlanta Property Management

Why Choose Corey Property Management?

When you choose Corey Property Management, you benefit from:

Local Expertise

Our team knows the Metro-Atlanta market inside and out. Tailored Solutions: We offer customized property management services to meet your unique needs.

Online Portal

Access a convenient online portal for easy property management and communication.

Proactive Maintenance

We take a proactive approach to property upkeep, ensuring your investment's longevity.

Expert Team

Get to know the individuals behind Corey Property Management, who bring dedication and expertise to every property we manage.

Meet Corey Property Management Expert

Get to know the individual behind Corey Property Management, who brings dedication and expertise to every property we manage.

Atlanta Property Management

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Atlanta Property Management

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